How To Replace A Rotted Threshold Over Concrete: Step By Step Process Of Replacing A Rotted Threshold

Thresholds play a major role when it comes to making an entry into your home. There are two main types of threshold: exterior & interior threshold: exterior threshold keeps warm air in and cold air out during winter & cold air in & warm air out during summer. The other best thing about the exterior door threshold is that it prevents bugs to appear in your home. As far as the interior threshold is concerned, they create transitions betwixt different types of flooring materials. The thresholds in your home should be durable as well as securely installed, due to the reason that they withstand a lot of traffic. A threshold installed at the bottom of an exterior door usually offers a weather-tight transition betwixt the interior floor and the exterior siding.

Step By Step Process Of Replacing A Rotted Threshold Over Concrete

When it comes to sealing your home in order to protect it from water damage & air infiltration, a threshold plays a crucial role. As you know a door threshold has a lot of foot traffic, so it will get aged or worsen, which in turn makes it look bad. Therefore, the best option is to replace the old door threshold with the new one. Wooden thresholds composed of red oak or other hardwoods are susceptible and prone to moisture that can rot the threshold with the passage of time. As soon as the threshold gets rotted, dust, debris, as well as water find a way underneath the door. Thresholds installed on concrete are extremely easy to replace, due to the reason that the concrete doesn’t rot like typical subfloors. Go through the below-mentioned steps carefully in order to replace the wooden door threshold:
  1. Remove The Damaged Threshold: The first and foremost step is to get rid of the damaged threshold. You can trim the threshold into two & lift out the pieces if required. However, you need to make sure not to trim or lift the threshold against your finish flooring.
  2. Mark And Cut The Replacement Threshold: The next step is to mark & cut the threshold that you want to replace. You can simply use the two sections of the old threshold in order to measure and mark the new threshold, but keep in mind to allow for the width of the saw cut that you made during removal.
  3. Cut The Replacement Threshold: As far as installing a metal door threshold is concerned, you can use tin snips & a hacksaw or a saber saw having a metal-cutting blade in order to make the cuts. After that, it is time to clean or wipe the area where you want your threshold to go.
  4. Set The New Threshold Into Position And Test It For Fit: For the time being remove the threshold and apply silicone caulk in order to seal it to the floor. Replace as well as attach it to the floor with the help of screws, countersinking their heads. When it comes to replacing a metal threshold, go through the manufacturer’s directions carefully, if in case it includes a rubber gasket, then you need to trim this to length and install it as well.
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