How To Replace A Fluorescent Light Socket: Proper Procedure Of Replacing A Fluorescent Light Socket

Proper Procedure Of Replacing A Fluorescent Light Socket

The fluorescent bulbs are usually filled in with the gas, in a way, that gives off the light once the electricity is supplied to it. Read out the steps that are mentioned below in order to quickly as well as easily replace a fluorescent light socket. The two important items that are needed to perform this task include a new socket & screwdriver.
  1. The first step is to make sure that the problem is in the socket and needs the replacement. It might be the bulb that can also create the problem and is about to die. You can identify the problem if the light flickers or the tube has turned grey or black at its ends. The user also must clean the socket as well as check to determine whether it works before going for replacing it. It is highly advisable to only replace the socket in case if it is only visibly damaged or is cracked.
  2. After that, the power supply to the fluorescent needs to be disconnected. While working with electricity, turning the power supply is extremely important.
  3. Remove out all the bulbs from the fixture and then remove fluorescent light cover. It totally depends on the type of model, whether there will be one or two screws.
  4. In order to properly examine the wiring, carefully remove the socket. There must be several wires available in the socket. On each of the wire wrap up a colored tap but different on each wire or simply label the wires so it is easy to find out where each wire belongs to. The user can also discontinue a wire that is coming from the old socket and then hook it up with the new socket. The wires must be cut to 1/2 inch.
  5. In the slots of the new socket's terminal insert the wires coming from the light. After the wires are inserted, the user will not be able to remove the wires out again.
  6. Making sure that all the screws tight replace the ballast cover, after that in the fixture place the fluorescent light simply by pressing it in the straight-up & keep pressing until there will be a click in place. Finally, it is time for the power to be restored and then test the light to make sure that the problem has been properly solved. If still, the problem is not solved, that check the entire socket that is on the other end of the bulb or check for the replacement of wiring.
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