How To Replace A Ceiling Fan With A Light Fixture: Step By Step Procedure & Items Required

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required For Replacing The Ceiling Fan With The Light Fixture

The old styled fan can easily be replaced by using the modern styled fixtures of the light so as to offer the room with a fresh new appearance. As most of the fans are quite heavy and thus the users require to use the wiring and the electrical box. The users can easily replace the ceiling fan with the light fixtures at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined step by step procedure:

Materials Required

  • Ladder, Voltage Tester, Screwdriver
  • Wire Strippers And Wire Nuts

Step By Step Procedure

  • Turn The Light Off: Start by turning the light off and then climb on the ladder and detach the canopy. The canopy is a part that flushes adjacent to the ceiling and covers up the electrical box. Now detach the screws that are holding up the light with the box. Most of the fans are quite heavy and that is why it is quite difficult to detach the fan in the one-piece, so the user needs to detach the fan blade first so as to minimize its weight accordingly.
  • Use The Tester: Next use the tester so as to check that the wires of the fan are not containing any current. If in case the tester gets lighted up then it defines the wires are containing some sort of electricity. The users are advised not to touch up the live wires.
  • Lift Up Wires: Then lift up the wires from the box and then fasten the nuts of the wire and then lift wires apart. Now lower the fan and for that, the users may require to take the help from any friend or the assistant so that they can hold the fan while the users are disconnecting the wires. Then detach the affixing bracket that is termed as the strap that usually braces the box.
  • Unbind The Package: After that, unbind the packaging of the new fixture of light and then place aside from those things that are meant to get installed later like the bulbs or the covers. The users are advised to carefully read up all the instructions so as to check if in case there is any sort of specific affixing instructions that the users need to be careful about.
  • Install The Bracket: Now install the new affixing bracket with the box and then install the affixing screws with the bracket. The users need to leave the screw a bit long so as to attain the easy installation of the affixing lighting base and that needs to get fastened later.
  • Strip The Wire Ends: Then strip down the wire ends of the new light fixture and then pull up the fixture near to the box and then connect up the wires. Then rotate the uncovered wire ends with one another and connect up the white wires with one another and the ground wires with one another respectively. If in case the users find out that the fixture does not contain the wires then they are advised to re-read the manual instructions and even most of the fixtures do not consists of the ground wire instead of that they contain the green-colored screw affixed with the affixing bracket.
  • Fasten The Nuts: Next fasten the nuts with the uncovered wire ends and then fasten the nut in the clockwise direction until they are not fastened securely. The users are advised not to over tighten the nut and then insert the wires gently within the box back.
  • Pull The Base: Then pull off the fixture base within the position as most of the bases of the light fixtures are twisted and are having the holes within which the affixing screws get fitted. Then fasten the affixing screws until they won't feel that the base is fastened adjacent to the wall.
  • Install The Bulbs: Finally the users need to install the bulbs and then install the covers as well. Then they need to switch on the breaker and then examine the light fixture respectively.
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