How To Repair Wicker Furniture: Different Ways To Repair

Wicker is a strong material that can be used for making the patio furniture.

Different Ways To Repair Wicker Furniture

Repairing Loose Ends

  1. Scan The Furniture: Firstly inspect the wicker furniture and find the poking out pieces. Inspect the wicker furniture in a well-lighted area. With the help of hands determine the loose ends of the wicker furniture.
  2. Use Wood Glue: Attach the loose ends of the wicker furniture at the proper position with the help of glue and hold the pieces until the glue makes the bond with the furniture. Attach each strand with furniture by the help of wood glue.
  3. Let The Glue Dry: After fixing the loose ends with glue, leave the glue to dry. Wait for 30 minutes so that the adhesive properly bonds with the furniture.

Replacing Broken Reeds

  1. Remove Broken Strands: Take an Exacto knife or scissors and cut the damaged or loose strands from the wicker furniture. Softly remove the damaged strands from the wicker furniture without damaging the remaining portion of the furniture.
  2. Soak Replacement Reeds: Now the users need to soak the reeds to be replaced in the warm water for about 30 minutes.
  3. Remove Excess Water From The Reeds: Then take away the reeds from the water and put the reeds on the paper towel. Then place another paper towel on the reeds and remove the extra water from the reeds.
  4. Weave The Replacement Reeds: Now take the soaked reeds and weave the reeds into the furniture according to the pattern of the wicker furniture. The pliers or fingers can be used to weave the reeds in the furniture at the proper position.
  5. Glue The Strands: After completely weaving the reeds, apply wood glue at the end of the strands so that the strands fix on the furniture. Then leave the glue to set and dry.
  6. Secure The Ends: After waiting for 30 minutes, the users securely need to fix the ends of the strands by using carpet tacks. Push the carpet tacks softly into the reeds to avoid splitting.
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