How To Repair Vinyl Chair: Steps To Repair/Fix Vinyl Chair Or Sofa

How To Repair/Fix Vinyl Chair/Sofa?

The steps to Repair Vinyl Chair or Sofa are mentioned below:
  1. Make A Small Circle: First of all, make a Cut around the hole to make a small circle. Be sure that the edges are even.
  2. Vinyl Fabric: After making a circle find a piece of best quality vinyl fabric that has the same color and texture as the sofa or chair and should be large enough to fit over the entire hole.
  3. Push The Vinyl Fabric: After that Carefully push the vinyl fabric through the hole. But make sure not to create a larger hole. Then Place a finger in the hole and try to carefully smooth the fabric patch. This will help the fabric patch to perfectly flat under the hole.
  4. Adhesive: Apply a small quantity of the best quality adhesive around the inside edge of the hole. Cover the entire patch with the adhesive.
  5. Gapless Seal: In order to make it work well form a gapless seal between the fabric and the vinyl patch by pressing them tightly together, and Wipe away any excess adhesive.
  6. Dry: Once the adhesive is completed then Allow adhesive to dry for at least 24 hours before using the repaired section of furniture.
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