How To Repair Swollen MDF: Procedure To Repair

Procedure To Repair Swollen MDF

The best solution to repair a swollen MDF baseboard is to replace it. In case, the damage is not significant, and the MDF has not separated or crumbled, the user can repair it by sanding for which he needs to follow the below-given procedure:
  1. Sand The Swollen MDF:
    First, the user needs to sand the Swollen MDF with a hand block having 80-grit sandpaper attached. The user needs to sand down the entire paint if the damage has run down the length of the MDF board. In case, the damage has occurred on the small areas, the user needs to sand the damaged areas only. Apart from that, in order to remove high spots, the user needs to sand along the length of the high spots. If required, the user can change sandpaper as well during the process.
  2. Apply Resin Glue:
    Once the MDF is sanded and the sanding dust is removed, the user needs to prepare resin glue by mixing water with powdered resin glue. The water should be added to the powder as per the package instructions. Once the glue is ready, the user needs to fill small cracks and separations with it by using a brush. The user needs to let the glue dry in cracks & separations overnight.
  3. Use Wood Filler:
    Once the resin glue shrank, the user needs to fill in the remaining seams, gouges, and pits with wood filler by using a putty knife. The user needs to let the wood filler dry completely before sanding the surface smooth by using 100-grit sandpaper.
  4. Form New Lines:
    The next step will be to form the new lines in the MDF baseboard. First, the user needs to fold 100-grit sandpaper into thirds and in order to replicate lines in the molding, use it like a knife. It has been recommended by the experts to slide the sandpaper along the edges of the existing lines in order to form new lines in the MDF. The user needs to sand the shallow curves as well for which he has to wrap the sandpaper around the dowels.
  5. Apply Sealant & Paint:
    After that, the user needs to apply a coat of sealant on to the repaired areas with a brush. Once the sealant dries, the user needs to apply two coats of water-resistant paint to the areas that should be matching the existing paint.
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