How To Repair Split Wood Table Top: Steps To Fix The Cracked Wood Table

Steps To Fix The Split/Cracked Wood Table Top

The splits or cracks can happen to any form of wood, the splits should be fixed as soon as possible as they can spread to the whole area, fixing the split wood table is not a big task. The users just need to follow certain steps in order to fix the cracked Wood Table Top and the steps are mentioned below:
  1. Insert: First of all, insert the tip of the putty knife in the split in case it is small, and in case of the larger split like 6 inches use the knives that should be evenly placed.
  2. Pry: Now with the help of the knife or knives try to pry the split open as much as possible, then at the same time inject the glue in the affected area, it is better to work one section at a time.
  3. Glue: With the help of the fingertips force the glue deep in the splits, if needed apply more glue until both sides of the split area are saturated after that carefully remove the knives.
  4. Clamps: Now its time to place the clamps for the stronger bond, place the clamp in a way that should be perpendicular to the split. In case of the larger split place the clamp evenly, after that tight the clamp until the glue comes out from the split.
  5. Wipe: Once the glue oozes through the split ends at the same time wipe it out with the help of the damp cloth. Allow the affected area to dry completely for almost overnight then remove the clamp.
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