How To Repair Split Wood Beams: Simple Procedure For Repairing Cracks Or Split In Wood Beams

Easy & Simple Procedure For Repairing Cracks Or Split In The Wood Beams

Cracks are something that will appear in large support beams, which are usually composed of a solid piece of lumber that can dry out as well as split. Cracks in the wood beam are unattractive & unsightly, but still, they usually do not pose any threat to the integrity of the beam. However, if in case the crack is getting worse day by day, you are repainting or you do not want to look at it, you can easily make that crack disappear. Putty is not the best option when it comes to larger cracks like the one we are dealing with. You just need to fill the cracks of the wood beam with real wood and waterproof glue that secures & binds the crack together permanently. In order to repair the cracks or split in wood beams, go through the below-mentioned steps carefully:
  • Calculate The Length & The Width: First of all, calculate the length as well as the width of the crack at the broad & extensive point. Your measurement is not needed to be accurate as rough measurements can also be considered.
  • Mark The Measurements: Now, keep note of the rough measurements on the stick. Position the stick on the band saw & take hold of it exactly the same way as if it were a pool cue and you were shooting pool. Start trimming contingent pieces of wood from the stick. Trim them marginally longer than the taken measurements. Make sure to trim them at varying thicknesses, approximately trying to copy the shape of the crack. Cut near about six or seven pieces.
  • Fit The Wood Pieces: Adjust the pieces into the crack one at a time. You should choose the wood pieces that perfectly match the crack. With the help of a sharp knife, cut the piece down by hand in order to ensure that it fits even better. Try to keep the wood piece marginally larger than the crack.
  • Sanding: Now, it is time to sand the wood piece with the help of a hand block as well as 100-grit sandpaper. As far as the rough shape of the crack is concerned, angle one edge moderately with the sandpaper.
  • Mix Powdered Resin Glue With Water: Make the mixture of the powdered resin glue & water as per the manufacturer's instructions. Seal the crack with the help of glue using a small paintbrush.
  • Dry The Glue: Position the wood piece into the crack, the angled edge entering the crack first. Insert the wood piece into the crack smoothly with the help of a hammer. As soon as the wood piece begins to resist, use force, smashing and striking the piece down flat with authority. The broken fibers of the wood piece will combine with glue and seal the crack even better. Wait near about 24 hours for the glue to dry.
  • Sanding Again: Finally, rub the residual dried glue and smashed fibers off the beam with the help of a chisel. Sand the area smooth using a hand block and 100-grit sandpaper.
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