How To Repair Pool Table Felt: 5 Easy Steps Of Repairing Felt Of The Pool Table

Pool table felt, also called pool table cloth, is usually composed of an amalgam of wool and nylon. The conquered cloth is one of the best clothes and isn’t actually “felt”, the wool progresses through a spinning process, which removes the softness on the surface. Simonis fabricates an exceptional conquered cloth, which will increase your passion for playing. If in case the people use the pool table unprofessionally or if the pool cue tip hits it numerous occasions, then your pool table felt will tear off easily. The new felt will not be so easy to get installed & will also be very costly, so you need to repair the tears that will occur to the pool table felt yourself. But repairing it yourself requires some of the basic skills due to the reason that it has slats present underneath the felt. If in case slate gets damaged during the repair process, it will, in turn, affect the pool table in a way that ball will not roll comfortably during the play.

5 Easy Steps Of Repairing Felt Of The Pool Table

In order to repair the tears in a pool table felt, go through the below mentioned easy steps carefully & solve this issue yourself without getting the pool table felt replaced:
  1. First of all, thread the twisted needle with the felt thread.
  2. Next, you need to press the twisted needle into the felt near about 1 inch away from the repair. Remove the needle under the felt and out in the direction of the inception of the tear, leaving 1 inch of thread unfinished at the point where the needle was inserted.
  3. Now, assist the extremity of the needle through the felt nearly 1/8 inch away from the edge of the tear on the right-hand side. Grasp the thread tight and press the needle again into the other edge of the tear nearly 1/8 inch away to start the stitch. Then you need to continue making your way up the tear using the same approach.
  4. After that, get the needle under the felt at the termination of the tear and get the rest of the thread up through the felt. Then, using your knife cut the thread away.
  5. Finally, insert the head of your hammer onto the seam in order to compress the threads. But make sure not to hit the threads as this may totally destroy the slate beneath the felt. At last, examine the dimensionality of the thread by rolling a ball over it. If required, flatten the surface more.
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