How To Repair Particle Board Water Damage: Methods To Fix Water Damaged Particle Board

Methods To Fix Particle Board Water Damage

Particle board is a type of composite wood that is used to construct the furniture. The wood is made from the sawdust and chips that are strongly compressed and glued together to make a wood sheet.

Raised Areas

  1. Dry: The first step is to dry the affected area with the help of the hair dryer, don't use heat gun because using the heat gun can ignite the particle board.
  2. Sand: The next step is to sand the water damaged area with the help of the medium grit sandpaper with the help of hand or by using the electric sander, continue the sanding process until the affected area is flushed with the other surface, finish the sanding process with the fine grit sandpaper.
  3. Clear: Once the sanding is completed then vacuum the sawdust that is created after sanding, in case the surface is likely to get the water damage again then use the waterproofing material and then leave it to dry completely.

Disintegrated Particleboard

  1. Step 1: The particle boards soft spots should be digged out with the help of the sharp Knife if the particle board is loosened. After that dry the particle board and sweep or vacuum the residue.
  2. Step 2: The next step is to apply the wood filler, with the help of the putty knife make the surface and the top of the repair smooth.
  3. Step: Once the wood filler is dried than sand the area, and vacuum away the dust, at last apply the sealer.
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