How To Repair Particle Board Cabinets: Steps To Fix Peeling Veneer On Kitchen Cabinets

General Overview

Particle board cabinets are beautiful as well as cost-effective kitchen cabinet options that need to be properly maintained because with a prolonged period of the time the cabinets tend to lose their grace. The board is basically formulated using wood by-products and can start the signs of dullness and wear due to the time and is possible to repair rather than changing entirely. The particleboards if not maintained properly may get affected by the moisture and result in the swelling etc.

What Are The Steps To Repair Peeling Veneer On Particle Board Cabinets?

Follow the steps mentioned below to repair the peeling veneer on the particle wood cabinets:
1.Dry: Wet particle board needs be dried completely using air dryer or allow the cabinets to air dry completely.
2.Sanding: Once the cabinets are dried just follow up by the sanding process and must be done using the medium-grit sandpaper till the wet spots will vanish. End up the process using finer grit.
3.Wipe: Wipe off the sanding dust and allow the surface to dry again.
4.Waterproofing Agent: Once the dried application of waterproofing agent is required. After the application of the material let it dry.

Ways To Repair Disintegrated Particle Board Kitchen Cabinets

1.Digging: The soft spots visible on the particle boards are supposed to be digged using the knife. Let the spot dry completely.
2.Wood Filler: Application of the wood filler is required using a putty knife. Make sure to apply the filler exactly as per the instructions labeled. Make the level exactly as per the surface level of the particle board.
3.Re-Sanding: Let the filler completely dry and re-sand the surface once again.
4.Vacuum: Properly vacuum the surface to remove the dust from it.
5.Sealer: Coat the sealer over the surface to protect it from getting the moisture damaged.
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