How To Repair Cultured Marble: 6 Easy Steps Of Repairing Chips In Cultured Marble

6 Easy Steps Of Repairing Cultured Marble

The cultured marble is a man-made product that is created from the marble resins and dust, finished with the help of a high-shine gel coat. The resulting product will be molded into shower benches, surrounds & vanity tops and will provide low-priced elegance to your bathroom design. If your cultured marble becomes chipped, or if you see that holes are drilled and will also require patching and the same gel coat patch that gives your product its shine and will be used to fill any holes. Most of the cultured marble colors are also available in a gel coat repair kit and will allow you to fix the hole at your home. You just need to follow all the given steps carefully. Here are the steps for this process:
  1. Sand: First of all, you need to sand down all the edges of the hole or chip. You just need to smooth your chip out so that no jagged edges remain on the marble piece and the cavity is dry, clean and your marble piece is ready to receive a patch.
  2. Mix Gel Coat Patch: The next thing is to mix your gel coat patch. You just need to pour a small amount of your gel coat into your bowl and then you need to add the pigments and catalyst. Mix this mixture well with the help of a craft stick until the mixture is completely blended.
  3. Scoop: Now you need to scoop up some of your gel coat patches with the help of your craft stick and then you need to apply it to the hole or chip. The gel coat patch will easily shrink as it dries wholly, so slenderly overfills your chip, feathering your patch with your craft stick onto the edges of your nearby cultured marble. Smooth the top of your patch with the edge of your craft stick as much as possible. Allow the applied gel coat patch to dry overnight.
  4. Check For Cracks: The next step is to check your applied gel coat patch for any type of shrinking and cracks. If your coat patch has shrunk too much and also exposed any crack around the edges then you need to simply apply additional patch.
  5. Fine Grit Sandpaper: After following all the previous steps, now you need to wet down your finished patch area, and then you need to sand the area with the help of fine-grit sandpaper until the applied patch is smooth enough and indistinguishable by touch from your surrounding marble area.
  6. Paint: Finally, you need to paint a clear coat of gel onto your patch and the surrounding area in order to restore the shine & blend your patch in with the marble surrounding area.
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