How To Repair Chair Hydraulic: Steps To Fix Office Chair Hydraulic

What Are The Steps To Fix Office Chair Hydraulic?

Most of the office chairs contain pneumatic cylinder by which the user can adjust the height of the chair just by flicking of a lever. As the office chairs can withstand the adjustment for years but over time, the gas cylinder needs to be replaced. The steps by which a user can replace a pneumatic cylinder of his office chair in minimum one hour are given below:
  1. Remove Caster/Leg:
    The first step will be to remove the bottom caster/leg by removing a small metal clip that is a base retention clip located at the underside of the caster base. The metal clip can be removed by griping it up with a pair of needle-nosed pliers.
  2. Remove Gas Cylinder:
    The next step will be to remove the gas cylinder for which the user needs to attach a wrench to the top end of the gas cylinder just below the seat pan and tighten it up. After that, the user needs to rock the wrench back & forth in order to loosen it from the seat pan. It is very hard to loosen gas cylinders from the chair due to the fact, the gas cylinders are only held in place by friction.
  3. Spray Meeting Point:
    The next step will be to spray the WD-40 lubricant all around the meeting point of the gas cylinder and a seat pan in case the user finds it hard to remove the gas cylinder from the chair. Leave the lubricant on the chair for a few minutes before attempting to loosen up gas cylinder from the chair again by using a wrench.
  4. Replace Gas Cylinder:
    The next step will be to replace the gas cylinder by pressing it on to the slot located at the bottom of the seat pan. Afterward, attach the caster base on to the chair again.
  5. Stand The Chair & Sit On To It:
    The last step is to stand the chair up and sit on to it using the whole weight that will allow the pneumatic cylinder to attach firmly into the seat pan. The whole process will bring new life into the old office chair.
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