How To Repair Bamboo Flooring Problems: Easy Methods To Repair

Methods To Repair Bamboo Flooring Problems

Bamboo Flooring refers to a flooring type that is manufactured of a bamboo plant. There are several common problems that can occur over bamboo floorings such as stains and scratches. The methods to repair such problems are as follows;

Stains Problem

Almost all the wood floorings including bamboo are susceptible to stains. There are two types of stains that can occur over bamboo flooring i.e., household stains & hard to remove stains. The procedures to remove both types of stains are as follows;
  1. Household Stains: The user can remove all the household stains such as grease, dirt, spilled drinks, and pet accidents with commercial cleaners that are specifically designed for bamboo flooring. It has been recommended by the experts to select the cleaner suited for urethane-finish as bamboo floorings are usually urethane-finished. In order to remove stubborn household stains from the bamboo flooring, the user needs to scrub the stain with a wooden floor pad designed for urethane-finished flooring.
  2. Hard To Remove Stains: The spills and stains occurred over bamboo flooring due to gum, candles, and crayons need to be removed differently. First, the user needs to fill in a small plastic bag with ice cubes and place it over the stain. The ice in the plastic bag will make the stain harden and brittle that needs to be scraped off before wiping the area with commercial cleaner designed for a urethane finish.

Scratches Problem

There are two types of scratches that can occur over the bamboo flooring i.e., small scratches and deep scratches or gouges. In order to repair both types of scratches, the user needs to purchase a touch-up kit that must correspond to the finish of the flooring. It is necessary to read the touch-up kit instructions before usage. The procedures to repair small & deep scratches are as follows;
  1. Small Scratches: First, the user needs to sand the scratched area of the flooring with fine-grit sandpaper followed by wiping the sanding dust off. Once the flooring is clean, the user needs to touch-up the scratched area with a wax crayon or a wood stain pen found in the touch-up kit. The excess flakes should be wiped off the flooring before covering the area with a light coat of polyurethane.
  2. Deep Scratches: Deep scratches or gouges in the bamboo flooring can be repaired with wood filler found in the touch-up kit. First, the user needs to sand the edges of the deep scratches and then fill the gouges with wood filler by using a putty knife. The excess wood filler needs to be wiped off the bamboo planks followed by buffing the filled area with a soft cloth. After that, the user needs to let the wood filler dry for a few hours before coating the area with wood stain. At last, the user needs to coat the repaired area with a polyurethane coat.
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