How To Remove Wax Buildup From Hardwood Floors: Steps To Get Rid Of Wax Buildup

The wax is known to provide good protection to the floor if it is finished with the sealer. When it is fresh it makes the finishes like polyurethane, lacquer, and shellac extra shiny. The problem is that it never becomes hard due to which it will catch dirt sooner or later to cloud the finish. And with the span of time will turn yellow. The solution is to remove the old wax and give a new coat.

Steps To Get Rid Of Wax Buildup From Hardwood Floors

  1. Mineral Spirits: First of all, moisten the piece of the cloth with the mineral spirit and then rub the area, it is best to work the small area. Rub in the direction of the wood grain.
  2. Rearrange: While rubbing the floor check the cloth, when the wax gets transferred to it that time change the cloth, continue the process until the first section is cleaned.
  3. Moisten: Take another clean cloth and moisten with the mineral spirit then wipe down the cleaned area again. Repeat the process until there is no wax on the cloth.
  4. 0000 Steel Wool: Now apply the mineral spirit to the 0000 steel wool then rub the area, the steel wool will help to remove the wax residue from the area. Also, work in the grooves.
  5. Mop: Once all the wax is removed then mop the area with the hot water. Take another dry rag to dry the area.
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