How To Remove Water Stains From Marble: Safest & Easy Ways Of Cleaning Water Stains

Safest & Easy Ways Of Cleaning Water Stains From The Marble

The marble is an elegant stone that is found in many homes, mostly as a bathroom vanity, shower, or as a countertop. These surfaces usually collect water that is splashed onto the marble, and if the water is allowed to air dry then there will be cloudy, dirty-looking spots of the residue. The water stains must be cleaned from the marble with a safe cleaning way which will help to remove the residue without making any damage. There are many options in order to get rid of water stains from the marble including routine maintenance & removing difficult stains.

Routine Maintenance

For the routine maintenance wipe all the water spills from marble immediately as they occur, with the help of a paper towel or with a soft dry cloth. If it is left to air dry, this will result in stains. Blot away the wine, soda, juices as well as other liquids from the surface using the paper towels. Also avoid the wiping or rubbing these liquids to prevent the spreading of these stains. Flush all the marble area with the solution of the mild dish soap and water. Rinse a number of times and then dry with a soft towel. Take a dry cloth and moisten it with warm, distilled water and then wipe the marble for daily cleaning. Always dry the marble with a soft cloth.

Difficult Stains

In this case remove any of the difficult stains as well as the water stains with the help of a thick paste of baking soda and water. Rub the paste on the stain using a soft cloth. Then cover the affected area with the help of a plastic wrap for 24 hours. After that rinse the paste away using the clear water. Dry with the help of a soft cloth. Buff the hard water accumulations with the 0000 steel wool. Wipe away the residue from the marble surface using a damp cloth. Finally you need to make it dry thoroughly.

Other Option

Pour a few drops of the dish soap on a damped cleaning rag. Scrub on the marble surface to remove freshwater stains or the spots of the hazy residue. Wipe using a damp cloth and then dry with the help of a clean cloth. Examine to check if any water stains is still present. Then dip the edge of a rag into white vinegar and then scrub very gently over tougher water stains. Repeat as required until all of the water stains are removed.
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