How To Remove Water Stains From Fabric Sofa: Steps To Remove Water Stains From Fabric Sofa/Furniture

Steps To Remove Water Stains From Fabric Sofa/furniture

Follow the below-given steps in order to remove Water Stains From Fabric Sofa or furniture:
  1. Damp Cloth: First of all moisten the water stain with a damp cloth. Place the paper towel directly on the stain.
  2. Heavy Objects: Now place some heavy object on the paper towel like books, please do not place the books directly, but around the stain.
  3. Hairdryer: Now plug in the hairdryer but keep the dryer at the cool setting, now directly point the hair dryer towards the stain, so that the moisture is transferred from the fabric to the paper towel.
  4. Remove: Lift the books to check whether the stain is gone.
  5. Vinegar: In case the stain still exists, then mix vinegar to the water, and dampen the clean cloth to the solution. Before applying the solution to the stain it is better to check that the solution will not damage the fabric, put the solution on the hidden areas.
  6. Apply: Dab the vinegar solution directly on water stain, starting from the outside, keep the solution for a couple of minutes and then rinse off by dabbing the area with a clean damp cloth.
  7. Dry: At last dry the area with a dry towel.
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