How To Remove Vinyl Flooring Glue: Steps To Remove Vinyl Flooring Glue From Concrete & Plywood

Steps To Remove Vinyl Flooring Glue From Concrete

The best procedure to remove Vinyl Flooring Glue From Concrete is as follows:
  1. Flat Razor Scraper: With the help of the flat razor scraper, scrape away all the large globs of the adhesive from the surface, use the short and smooth motion around the edges of glob, so that it is easily removed.
  2. Acetone: First of all, wear protective rubber gloves while working with the acetone, and the room should be well ventilated, then Pour the acetone into a small plastic container.
  3. Toothbrush: Now dip the toothbrush in the acetone, then scrub the area around the adhesive. Continue the process until all particles of the adhesive is removed.
  4. Soak: At last soak an old rag with acetone solution and wipe the all-area so that all the residual adhesive from the surface is removed.

How To Remove Vinyl Flooring Glue From Plywood?

  1. Water: Boil the water in a pot then allow the water to cool for about 5 minutes.
  2. Towels: At a time place one towel in the hot water and then remove it with a tongs.
  3. Vinyl Tile Glue: Now lay the towel over the vinyl flooring glue, leave the towels on the surface for about 10 to 15 minutes, so that the glue is soft.
  4. Remove: Remove the towels from the plywood, and scrape the glue with help of the putty knife.
  5. Wipe: In order to remove all the residue of the glue wipe the area with a hot damp cloth. Dry the area with the clean rag.
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