How To Remove Sweat Stains From Mattress: Steps To Get Rid Of Sweat Stains

Steps To Get Rid Of Sweat Stains From Mattress

The sweat stains are one of the common problems that almost everyone faces, it will not only bring the stains to the mattress but will also smell bad too. The steps to remove or get rid of Sweat Stains from the mattress are as follows:
  1. Blot: In case the sweat stains are fresh then blot the area with the help of the towel as much as possible, continue the blotting until there is no liquid left.
  2. Solution: Now make the solution of the dish soap, mix the 1/2 gallon of the cold water to the squirt of the dish soap. Mix the solution well until the suds are formed.
  3. Apply: Now apply the suds to the affected area with the help of the clean, damp cloth. Try to apply the suds and little water only and rub the area in a circular motion.
  4. Dry: Blot the affected area with the dry towel so that all the moisture is absorbed, continue the process until the stain is gone.
  5. Hydrogen Peroxide: Now fill the spray bottle with the hydrogen peroxide in case the stain is still there, then spray the solution on the affected area, let the solution to sit on the stain for about 5 minutes. And blot with the dry cloth to absorb the liquid.
  6. Alternate: Continue the process of alternately spraying the solution and blotting until the stain is removed.

Alternate Way To Eliminate The Sweat Stains From The Mattress

The alternate way to eliminate the sweat stains from the matresses are mentioned below
Remove Moisture: In case the stain is fresh cover the affected area with the rag or paper towel in order to blot it rather than rubbing.
Create A Solution: Create a mixture by adding the equal parts of the water, hydrogen peroxide along with the liquid dish soap and pour it into the spray bottle.
Apply: Apply the mixture over the affected area and allow it to sit there for approximately 20 minutes.
Re-Blot: After 20 minutes re-blot the area using the rag cloth or paper towel.
Baking Soda: Sprinkle the affected area with the baking soda and allow it sit there for 10-24 hours.
Vacuuming: Vaccum the mattress entirely to remove the baking soda residue.
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