How To Remove Stains From Bathroom Countertops: Easy Ways Of Cleaning Stains From Different Countertops

Easy Ways Of Cleaning Stains From Different Types Of Bathroom Countertops

Different types of bathroom countertops need different methods for removing the stains. Below you will find easy ways of removing the stains from the different types of bathroom countertops:

Fiberglass Countertop

  • Basic Stains: For the stains that will not come out with the regular cleaning, simply try applying a small amount of the detergent solution, cleaner, or the baking soda paste over the affected spot. Leave for a period of one to two hours so that it will dissolve the stain over time, after that wipe it off with the help of a damp sponge or the soft cloth, and rinse it well. The vinegar can also be used to lighten as well as break up the tough stains. Simply spray the vinegar over the stain and leave it for a few hours, then rinse it well.
  • Stubborn Stains: In case of the stains that will not go away with the mild detergent, vinegar, or even with the baking soda than those stains must be addressed with the use of acetone nail polish remover or with the paint thinner. Apply a small amount on the clean cotton cloth and then start rubbing the stain until it is cleaned. Take a clean damp cloth for rinsing the area. It is very important to be sure to ventilate the room and also the acetone or the paint thinner should not go down into the drain.
  • Surface Conditioning: If in case the fiberglass countertop is grimy, or has water spots, or is overly scratched, that time buff it with a fiberglass polish and the soft cloth to fill in all the scratches and restore its shine. The automotive wax is a good option that can be used to polish a fiberglass surface.

Remove Stains From Granite Countertop

For the granite bathroom countertop prepare a paste of water or talc that must be mixed with a diluted solution of the ammonia, bleach, or with the hydrogen peroxide. Gently rub the affected spot with the prepared paste and a soft brush. After that rinse thoroughly. Several applications can be required for removing the stains from the granite countertops. Seal the granite countertops with a sealer that is formulated for stone. This will help to prevent stains and will also make it easier to keep it clean.

Laminate Countertops

For the greasy buildup, simply try cleaning with the natural cleaning items like vinegar and water. If in case the surface feels tacky, that time rub it with a paste of the baking soda and the water, after that rinse it very well.

Tile Countertop Stains

Although the tile bathroom countertop doesn't stain easily, grout does. It is also the area where most bacteria like to live. Scrub the grout with the help of a mild bleach solution and the toothbrush. Then simply seal it using a commercial grout sealer. The glazed ceramic tile does not need to be sealed. Grout, on the other hand, must be sealed with the help of grout sealant so that it become stain-resistant. The unglazed tile bathroom countertops must be sealed using a penetrating sealer for the protection as well as for stain resistance.
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