How To Remove Spray Paint From Wood: Best Methods To Clean

Best Methods To Clean Spray Paint From Wood

There are different options used to remove the spray paint from the wood, the user may have sprayed the paint on the wood objects and wants to clean in order to restore its shine. However, it can be difficult to remove Spray Paint from Wood without damaging the original underlying finish.

Method 1

  1. Acetone: The first step is to apply small amount of the acetone on the rag. This is very helpful in removing the dried spray paint.
  2. Apply: Now apply the acetone rag directly on the affected area, and add plenty of the acetone again. Allow the acetone to sit in the affected area for several minutes, this helps the acetone to penetrate in the affected area and will loosen the paint.
  3. Scrubbing: Now the step is to add acetone to the new rag and right away start scrubbing the affected area, continue changing the rags as one becomes saturated with the paint.
  4. Rinse: Now the last step is to rinse the affected area with the water so that the residue of the paint is removed.

Method 2

  1. Olive Oil: The first step is to apply few drops of the olive oil to a clean dry rag, and wipe the affected area.
  2. Cover: The next step is to cover the affected area with the rag and then scrub the paint with the help of the plastic putty knife. The rag will work as a protective cover between the paint and knife and will help to avoid the damage.
  3. Wipe: Now wipe away the excess oil with the dry rag. After that dip a corner of the rag in the mineral spirit and wipe the area it will help to remove the remaining spray paint.
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