How To Remove Shutters With Shutter Clips: 7 Easy Steps Of Removing Shutters

7 Easy Steps Of Removing Shutters With Shutter Clips

Most of the shutters use the special feature for mounting that look like screws but can not be removed with a standard drill or screwdriver. Instead, they need to be cut down in order to successfully remove the shutters. The easy step by step process for removing the shutters with clips is mentioned below:

Step 1: Determine The Shutter Type

First of all, it is important to determine which type of shutter mounting system holds the down shutters in place. The new type of the shutter model is mounted by hanging on a metal clip that is screwed into the wall. The older model shutters use a mounting clip which is usually called a shutter lock. Shutter lock mounts into the existing holes right in the shutter which is extended to the facing surface. Actually the shutter lock looks like the long plastic nails.

Step 2: Lift The Shutter Off The Brackets

If the user has new model shutters then lift the shutter off from the brackets. Carefully remove the shutters because this is a place where most birds like to build nests. The vinyl shutters should be stored flat in order to prevent warping.

Step 3: Locate The Shutter Locks

On the shutters look for the shutter lock. Larger shutters usually have six shutter locks and the smaller models have four. These locks will look like the plastic-coated pegs or screw tops which are blended with the color of the shutter.

Step 4: Slip The Fingers Behind The Shutter

The next step is to slip in the finger behind the shutter and then gently try to pull the shutter away an inch or two from the face side. With the help of a hacksaw try to cut out through the shutter lock. Apart from hacksaw the snips also work very well for cutting the locks which are in the tight spots. If in case the set of snips or a hacksaw is not available, that time slide the chisel right behind the shutter in a way so that the tip of the chisel rests right on the plastic nail. Gently tap the chisel using a hammer. It is important to remember not to hit the chisel with too much force that can damage the facing.

Step 5: Snip Through

Before trying to attempt to remove the shutter, snip into all the shutter locks.

Step 6: Press The Back Of The Plastic Nail

Through the front side of the shutter press the back of the plastic nail, which will expose the mounting hole. The shutter locks or the plastic nails can not be reused and so there is a need to purchase new plastic mounting nails.

Step 7: Drill The Plastic Plugs Out

From the mounting holes on the façade drill out the plastic plugs. If the plastic nails are left in the hole then they invite pests as well as the moisture into the home. Fill out all the holes with the silicone to protect against the weather and will also create a smooth surface for the purpose of remounting the shutters.
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