How To Remove Sharpie From Wood Table: Step By Step Instructions Of Removing Sharpie

Sharpie is a type of permanent marker that is mostly used in offices as well as homes. If in case you find a sharpie spot on your wooden table, in the first instance, you may get frightened, but you don't need to worry much as it can also be eliminated within a short span of time. But to perform the process of removing Sharpie spots from a wood table, you may only require the appropriate products as well as techniques in order to make sure that the wood is not damaged. As soon as you find the Sharpie marker spot on a wood table, you need to start the process of removing it without wasting any time as doing this will give you the fruitful result of your work.

Step By Step Instructions Of Removing Sharpie From Wood Table

To start the process, go through all the steps mentioned below carefully & make your wood table free from sharpie marker stain:
  1. First of all, moisten a piece of cloth moderately with plain water. Then start wiping this cloth smoothly over the marker stain in order to eliminate any ink that may still be wet.
  2. The next step is to firmly press an impartial coating of plain, white toothpaste over the Sharpie spot. But make sure not to use gel toothpaste or the bleach-containing peroxide or rubbing, due to the reason that wood may get damaged due to these products.
  3. After that, you need to apply the toothpaste smoothly into the table with the help of your fingers. After applying toothpaste, make the wood dry & leave it for a few minutes.
  4. Now, cleanse the stain affected area of the wood table with the help of a moist rag. Make sure to clean in the direction of the grain of the wood while applying a constant pressure.
  5. Then you need to carry on cleaning unless & until the stain has been completely eliminated. Sponge the table with a clean, moist rag in order to eliminate the toothpaste residue. Polish the table with the help of a dry rag.
  6. Finally, use the rubbing alcohol if the stain continues to be present on the table. Simply put a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a clean, dry rag. Smoothly rub the alcohol over the marker stain until it is completely removed. Examine the table with the help of a damp rag and wipe & make it dry.
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