How To Remove Scuff Marks From Vinyl Flooring: Steps To Remove

Steps To Remove Scuff Marks From Vinyl Plank Flooring

Scuff Marks can affect all types of hardwood floorings that include vinyl flooring as well. The scuff marks on the vinyl flooring can look highly damaging but in reality, they are the patches of rubber present on the vinyl flooring. The user can remove scuff marks from the vinyl flooring by following the below-given steps:
  1. Scrub Scuff Marks:
    The first step will be to scrub pencil eraser over the scuff marks. If the user doesn't have a pencil rubber, he can alternatively scrub scuff marks with a tennis ball. The step will help the user in removing light scuff marks residue from the vinyl flooring.
  2. Remove Leftover Scuff Marks:
    In order to remove leftover scuff marks from the vinyl flooring, the user needs to moisten the cleaning eraser with water and then scrub it over the remaining scuff marks.
  3. Use Rubbing Alcohol:
    In case, there are some scuff marks still remaining on the vinyl flooring, the user needs to scrub them with cleaning rag dampened with rubbing alcohol. The step should continue until all the scuff marks are removed from the vinyl flooring.
  4. Wipe Down The Vinyl Flooring:
    The last step in the process will be to wipe down the entire vinyl flooring with a clean rag dampened with water. After that, the user needs to wipe down the flooring with a dry rag in order to get the residue-free finish.
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