How To Remove Rust Stains From Azek Deck: Step By Step Process Of Removing Rust Stains From Azek Deck

Step By Step Process Of Removing Rust Stains From Azek Deck

It is easy to get rid of rust stains from your Azek deck. You can use various products in order to get rid of rust stains, however, the product that will work best for the type of stain is entirely dependent on the cause of the rust. For instance, if the rust stain is due to exposure to high levels of salt or chlorine, then vinegar is sufficient to clean it up. For a gentle rust-removal solution on your deck, use a product containing oxalic acid. There are some rust stains on your azek deck that you are looking to remove & for that you can use white vinegar with bleach or oxalic acid. These are corrosive substances that should get rid of the rust stains.

Step 1: Prepare The Azek Deck

First of all, prepare the Azek deck. If the Azek deck has paint, varnish, shellac, or any other protective covering, you need to remove it as much as possible by hand. Next, pressure wash your deck with the help of a stiff brush attachment. If there is a lot of dirt as well as grime on your deck, then use a stronger pressure washer. Make sure that the whole deck is wet during this process. It is important not to direct the spray at exposed wooden landscape timbers or steps, due to the fact that they can be easily damaged by too much water pressure. Additionally, this process will help get rid of the loose paint, varnish, or whatever else is on your deck. It may also help loosen some of the Azek’s coating, if anything, on top of the wood.

Step 2: Scrub The Rust Stains With Vinegar

After you pressure wash your deck, you can mix one part white vinegar with three parts water in a garden sprayer or mister bottle. Spray this solution onto the Azek deck, before scrubbing it with the help of a soft bristle brush. The vinegar will respond & act with the oxidized iron in the rust stains, which in turn cause them to loosen from your deck surface. Use a garden hose in order to rinse away the vinegar solution, and the rust stains along with it. Repeat this process as necessary as long as all of the rust stains are eliminated from your deck. Make sure not to allow the vinegar to dry on the Azek deck because this might cause some discoloration. Rinse the deck after scrubbing it using vinegar, and do not allow the deck to dry out for several hours. Keep the deck moist with the help of a garden sprayer or mister bottle. Take a bucket & fill it with water and drop the brush into it. Cleanse the brush in the bucket of water.

Step 3: Allow The Deck To Dry Out

After you scrub the deck with vinegar, wait at least an hour for it to dry. You can then again apply another coat of vinegar before scrubbing it again. When your Azek deck is entirely dry, apply a second coat of vinegar and allow it to sit for at least two hours. If necessary, scrub the Azek deck one more time before proceeding to the next step. This step is optional, therefore, you can skip it if you want. However, if your Azek deck has some stubborn rust stains causing discoloration, then apply another coat of vinegar which may help remove them. Make sure not to allow the deck to dry out completely and turn back into a powdery gray color that is usually associated with Azek.

Step 4: Apply A Coating Of Metal Lacquer

As soon as your Azek deck is dry, apply a coating of metal lacquer. If the deck is still gray or white, it has not absorbed a sufficient amount of rust to get rid of the stains properly. In this case, keep scrubbing the deck using vinegar and allow it to dry as long as it turns a deep orange color. You can apply another coat of metal lacquer if it looks scratched or dull, however, make sure the deck is entirely dry first. One or two coats should be enough to get rid of the rust stains from Azek decks until it has been allowed to turn an orange-red color before you apply any metal lacquer.

Step 5: Paint The Deck

Allow an Azek deck to dry for nearly three days, before painting or staining it. If possible, always apply a coat of metal lacquer before you paint over stained areas of the deck. Metal lacquer is the best option for sealing in rust stains, due to the fact that it forms a delicate barrier against moisture that might penetrate the Azek and react with the rust stains. In spite of the fact that your Azek deck has been stained by iron oxide, it is still entirely functional as a long-lasting material for building decks as well as other structures that you can enjoy at home or in your business.

Step 6: Clean Up

You can clean up your Azek deck by sweeping it with the help of a push broom or stiff-bristle brush. After you are done with cleaning, you need to wash the tools that you used with water in order to prevent rust stains from building back upon them and causing problems later on. Repeat steps 1 through 5 if in case rust stains continue to form over time. However, this should not happen very often due to the fact that the metal lacquer in step 4 is great for sealing out moisture that might penetrate into the Azek and react with rust stains.
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