How To Remove Rubber Marks From Vinyl Flooring: Steps To Get Rid Of Rubber Marks

How to Get Rid Rubber Marks from Vinyl Flooring?

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily get rid of Rubber Marks from Vinyl Flooring:
  1. Gather All The Ingredients: The customers need to start by collecting all the materials they require while performing this procedure and for that, they need Mineral spirits, Soft cloth, Rubber Gloves and Mask.
  2. Wear The Gloves And Glasses: The customers need to wear the gloves and put on the glasses for extra protection.
  3. Use The Mineral Spirit: The customers then need to use the soft cloth and soak it into the mineral spirits. The customers then need to rub the soaked cloth over the stained area on the Vinyl Floor. They need to apply light pressure on the cloth in order to completely remove the rubber marks.
  4. Cover The Rubber Marked Area: If the customers find out that the stain is still on the floor then the customers need to cover the stain with the soaked cloth and let the marks to be covered for a few minutes. The customers then need to clean the rubber marks accordingly.
  5. Wipe The Floor With Clean Cloth: Once the Vinyl Flooring is completely free from the rubber stains the customers then need to use another clean cloth and soak it in clean water. Then the customers need to rub the soaked cloth over the vinyl floor in order to wipe away all the mineral spirit residue.
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