How To Remove Pine Sap From Deck: Steps, Items Needed & Tips To Remove Pine Sap

Steps, Items Needed & Tips To Remove Pine Sap From Deck

The sap liquid is essential for a tree and looks like a thick glue. The root of the tree takes water and nutrients and also needs to spread through the tree. Pine tree sap is mostly used to make the glue, candles, and fire starting. The Pine sap is also used for making the tar called turpentine. Here are some of the easy and simple steps to remove pine sap from deck along with the items needed for the procedure. Just follow the given steps carefully.

Items Needed

  1. Paint scraper.
  2. Oil soap.
  3. Stiff scrub brush.
  4. Rubbing alcohol.
  5. Cloth or cotton ball.


  1. Scrape: The first step to remove the pine sap from deck is to scrape the deck with paint scraper. Remove the pine carefully because the paint scraper will damage the deck.
  2. Oil Soap: Now apply an undiluted oil soap then allow the soap to sit on the deck for nearly 15-30 minutes.
  3. Scrub: Now scrub the resin on deck with stiff brush. Dip the stiff brush into a bucket of warm water. After that redip the stiff brush occasionally.
  4. Alcohol: Now apply some alcohol on the area of the deck that has been affected by using the cloth or cotton ball. Allow the alcohol to soak for a few minutes then scrub the affected area with stiff brush.


Nail polish remover or the turpentine can also remove the pine sap from various types of surface. Before using the nail polish remover or turpentine test it on other surfaces because the nail polish remover or turpentine can fade the color of the deck.
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