How To Remove Particle Board Subfloor: Step By Step Procedure & Items Required

The particleboard is one of the most costly material that is usually used for the subflooring purpose. The particleboard is also one of the bad choices that the users can make like the plywood or the OSB board as they are not having resistance towards the moisture. The particleboard is made up of the resin glue and the sawdust mixture so as to form the sheet. The sawdust component of the particle board is hydrophilic and when it is exposed to the moisture it starts to begin to crumble and get swells as well. The particleboard is having the poor properties of nailing and one of the easy ways to install this is by using the construction adhesive. Detaching the particle board is simple and is less expensive as well.

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required To Remove Particle Board Subfloor

The users can easily remove the particle board subfloor at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined step by step procedure:

Materials Required

  • Eye Protection & Hearing Protection
  • Respirator Or Dust Mask & Circular Saw
  • Pry Bar & Hammer
  • Chisel And Block Plane


  • Wear The Protective Gear: Start by putting on the protective gear. Trimming down the particleboard usually creates the big lumps of the air build dust and the debris particles.
  • Set The Depth Of Saw Blade: Then the users need to set the thickness of the saw blade so as to make the equal trims as the particle board thickness. Use the shallow thickness for the trims so as to minimize the damage chances to the joists of the floor.
  • Trim And Detach The Section: Then the users need to trim and then detach the minute subfloor sections. Then determine the seam in between the 2 particleboard pieces so as to use that as the basic guide for the trimming process. Then place the blade of the saw at about one inch to seam side.
  • Make The Initial Trim: Now make the basic trim at about two feet long by lifting up the saw and then rotating it to the 90 degrees far away within the seam so as to make the second trim at near about 12 inches distance. The users will find out the L-shaped trim through the surface of the particleboard then they need to lift up the blade of the saw so as to make the matching L-design trim so as to complete the cutout of the rectangular shape.
  • Detach The First Subfloor Section: The users need to keep on trimming and detach the minute floor section till entire material in between the joists of the floor is gone. Then they need to detach the first subfloor portion and find out the leftover joists of the floor. The users are advised not to make the direct cuts over the top of the joists as the hard adhesive material can easily dull the blade of the saw.
  • Locate The Nails: Then the users need to locate and then detach the nails that are present in the leftover material over the top of the joists by using the prybar.
  • Detach The Particleboard: Then detach the 2/3 particle board on the joists by using the chisel and the hammer as well.
  • Adjust The Block Plane: Then line up the plane block so as to make the perfect shaving. Then adjust down the top of the joists so as to detach the leftover particleboard and the adhesive material as well.
  • Clean Up The Edges: Finally the users need to clean up the edges and the corners where exactly the plane does not reach by rotating the bevel side towards and then tapping it gently by using the hammer accordingly.
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