How To Remove Paint From Wood Door Frame: Step By Step Procedure And Items Required

One of the most common ways to detach the paint from the wooden door frame is by using the paint stripper. The users are advised not to use the caustic strippers as they can discolor the wooden door frame and they are also advised to protect themselves from breathing in the harsh chemicals by using the respirator mask and the gloves. If in case the users are having the aged door and it is very common that their door must be having one layer of the lead-built. If in case the users assume the appearance of the lead and then they need to sand down the door surface once the paint layers are detached so as to avoid lifting up the harmful dust.

Step By Step Procedure And The Items Required To Remove Paint From Wood Door Frame

The users can easily detach the paint from the wooden door frame at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-described procedure:

Materials Required

  • Screwdriver, 2 Sawhorses & Masking Paper
  • Masking Tape, Solvent-Based Stripper & Empty Paint Can
  • Respirator, Protective Gloves & Protective Clothing
  • Goggles, Old Paintbrush & Paint Scraper
  • Newspaper, Wire Brush & Mineral Spirits
  • Pull Scraper, Rag, And Water Or Recommended Solvent


  • Remove The Door: Start by detaching the door downside and then lay it over the sawhorse pair. The users are advised to work in the outside area or in the airy workroom and then detach the hardware from the door by using the screwdriver. If in case it is having the windows then they need to wrap them by using the masking tape or the masking paper.
  • Wear The Protective Gears: After that, pour down the solvent-build stripper directly in the bucket or in the empty can. The stripper usually consists of the methylene chloride, acetone, or the dibasic esters and all of them are very harmful if the users inhale them and some of the chemicals also cause the irritation to the skin and that is why the users are advised to wear the respirator mask, hand gloves and the safety glasses as well while working with the strippers.
  • Apply The Chemical Stripper: Then the users need to spread down the chemical stripper over the door sides that are facing upwards by using the old paintbrush and then they need to let it be there for almost twenty minutes. When the users find out that the paint gets softens and the paint starts to get bubbled off and then they need to scrape off the paint as much as they can by using the paint scraper. The users are advised not to dig off the paint as they need to detach the paint that comes easily from the door surface. The users are advised to transfer all the paint scrapings over the newspaper sheet.
  • Apply The Second Coat: Then the users need to apply another layer of the paint stripper and then allow it to sit there and then scrape off the paint again. The users need to repeat applying the paint stripper till the bare wood is left behind.
  • Remove The Paint: Then the users need to spread down the stripper over the residue of the paint and then detach the paint from the molding corners by using the wire brush. The users are advised to brush lightly so as to decrease the chances of scratch over the wood surface. The users need to keep on soaking the brush in the mineral spirit so as to detach the entire paint that is over the wood surface.
  • Neutralize The Stripper: The users then need to soak up the soft rag in the water and then rub it over the entire surface of the door. By doing so the users will be able to redress the effect of the stripper so as to get rid of the stain that is left behind on the wood surface.
  • Scrape Off The Paint Flakes: Finally the users need to scrape off the leftover paint flakes by using the pull-scraper so as to avoid raising up the harmful dust particles when the users sand down the wood surface.
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