How To Remove Paint From Walls: Proper Procedure Of Removing Paint From Walls

Proper Procedure For Removing The Paint From The Walls

There are several methods for removing the paint from different types of walls including drywall, plaster & wooden walls. In order to paint anyone among these types of walls, you can do so very easy and the procedure to remove the paint from all types of walls are mentioned below:

Removing Paint From Drywall

  1. Clean The Wall: Use the soap and the hot water to clean the wall. In order to prepare the wall for the sanding, first of all, fill a bucket with the hot water and soap. Then, take a cloth and soak it in the water and wash off the entire walls. This will help to remove any dirt or the markings that the paint has accumulated and will make the rest of the job simple.
  2. Sanding Block Or Sander: The next step is to purchase the sanding block or a sander as the sandpaper will not work for this job. A sanding block is actually a small block of material on which the user can wrap the sandpaper around, which in turn makes it easy to sand out flat surfaces. A sander is an automated tool just like a drill on which the user can load sandpaper and it will sand the surface.
  3. Sanding: Now start sanding the unwanted paint from the wall. Rub-down the coarse side of the sandpaper on the paint. Move the sanding block or sander in the back and forth direction, in the 1 square foot sections. If using the sanding block then apply lots of pressure onto the wall. Continue to sand the unwanted paint until all the paint becomes dull. Then, wipe away all the dust.
  4. Remove The Paint Entirely: If the user prefers to remove the paint entirely as opposed to the painting over it, then use a paint scraper to peel off all the remaining unwanted paint. Carefully place the paint scraper's blade right at the bottom of the unwanted paint, then apply the pressure to the blade, and gently slide it under the unwanted paint, this will help to peel the paint off. The sanding process already has weakened the paint, which will make it easier to strip.

Removing Paint From The Plaster Walls

  1. Safety Gears: The first step is to purchase the chemically-resistant gloves as well as properly ventilate the room. The chemical paint strippers remove away the chemical structure of paint, which means they are naturally caustic. Before beginning this process, wear chemically-resistant gloves. And, also wear old clothing. Open several windows because the paint strippers can build up a lot of toxic fumes if there is a lack of fresh air.
  2. Remove: The next step is to remove all the furniture and cover the floor well. The chemical paint strippers can damage the furniture and any precious items. So it is important to move all the furniture to a different room while removing the paint.
  3. Layer The Wall With Paint Stripper: The paint stripper best works with a wide paintbrush. Dip the paintbrush in the paint stripper container then apply it over the entire wall. Put on a coating of a thick stripper, so that it will not dry too quickly. The thickness of the coating doesn't need to be too precise, the user can mostly gauge the thickness simply by the eye.
  4. Leave The Stripper: The chemical process may take a few minutes or hours depending on the type of stripper being used. Read properly the product's instructions and wait for the time as directed.
  5. Scrape The Paint Off: Once the user has waited for the directed amount of time the paint on the wall has started to bubble. Once bubbling started, take a paint scraper or a putty knife or a spatula and scrape off all the paint. The paint should come off in long peels. Try to remove as much of the paint off from the wall as possible.

Removing Paint From The Wooden Walls

  1. Protective Gears: The first step is to purchase the eyeglasses, a long-sleeved shirt as well as thick gloves. This is due to the fact that in this method users will be dealing with a high heat appliance, so it is important to make sure to use protective gears.
  2. Craft A Heat Shield: A heat gun is well suited for stripping the paint from full walls, but if there is a specific spot to strip then use a heat shield.
  3. Apply Heat On The Unwanted Paint: Keep the nozzle of the heat gun 2 inches away from the surface and apply heat in the wide sweeping motion.
  4. Scrape: At the pre-heated section scrape away all the paint using a paint scraper.
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