How To Remove Paint From Slate: Proper Procedure Of Removing Paint From Slates

Proper Procedure Of Removing The Paint From The Slates

The slate is fairly porous which means the paint removal can be problematic and this is because the metamorphic rock is usually too soft to clean using a pressure washer or sandblaster. If trying to remove only a few paint spatters, heat scraping and the slate-safe solvents are all options, but if removing the paint from a large surface, then use a chemical stripper. The proper procedure for removing the paint from the slates is mentioned below:

Removing Paint Splatters

The acidic cleaners are generally not best for slate and this is because of the fact that they can etch the natural stone. On the other hand, the common paint solvents are very safe, only if they are used in moderation. The isopropyl alcohol will help to soften latex paint, allowing the user to wipe it off or simply scrape it with the help of a plastic putty knife. If in case the paint spatters are oil-based, then the user must be able to remove all of them with the help of a rag soaked with the mineral spirits, acetone, or the lacquer thinner.

If The Slate Is Sealed

The slate floors, countertops as well as the other surfaces are mostly sealed using a clear urethane finish, which helps to keep the stone shiny as well as also protects it from the moisture. There is always a danger of damaging this seal coat with the solvents that are used for removing the paint spatters. In some cases, using the hairdryer to softening the paint will make it soft enough to scrape it off without damaging the seal coat or, scrubbing with the mild detergent, and water can do the trick. If both of them don't work, then use a solvent as well as touch up the sealer when the paint is removed.

Stripping A Slate Surface

The user can remove a coat of paint from a slate surface, like from floor or countertop, just as removing the paint from the wood, using a chemical stripper. Because the slate has an irregular surface, scraping can be more difficult and less efficient. Because of this, use a mild alkaline stripper and a buffing pad.
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