How To Remove Paint From Porcelain Tub: Two Easy Ways Of Removing Paint From Porcelain

Two Easy Ways Of Removing Paint From Porcelain Tub

The paint spills that are on the surface of the porcelain tub is not a big problem. The porcelain is having resistance towards the stains or any other solvents. The porcelain won't get easily damaged with the paint scrapper but still, the users don't want to examine this by easily digging the scraper corner within the bathtub surface and that is why the users are also having so many other options. The porcelain material is hard and therefore the users are advised to start with the basic method of the cleaning and then later on progress to some stronger methods. The users can easily remove paint from Porcelain tub at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined ways:

Materials Required

  • Warm Water, Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • Baking Soda (Or Borax)
  • Vinegar And Washcloth Or Soft Sponge

Way I: Using Soap And Water

  • Run The Warm Water: Start by running the warm water all over the surface of the paint spot. If in case the spill of the paint is still fresh then the users can easily remove that by flushing the paint spill with the hot water. The users need to use the removable shower head or the individual container so as to pour the warm water all over the paint spill. On pouring down the hot water the paint spill will flow within the drain direction. The users can also easily turn the faucet on and let the tub get filled with the water and they will notice out that the paint will mix up the water within the surface of the tub. If the users find out that there is a lot of paint spilled over the tub surface then they need to wipe much possible paint from the tub surface by using the paper towels and rinse it quickly. The users need to be assured that they won't use the cold water as this can eventually harden the stains.
  • Soak Up The Paint: The users can also soak up the paint spot within the detergent and to do so the users need to fill up the bathtub with the hot water and then add the good amount of the liquid detergent into it. The liquid detergents usually do not contain abrasive chemicals that can destroy the finish of the bathtub. Then allow the paint spill to get soaked within the soap solution for near about a few hours or for almost one complete night.
  • Scrub The Paint: Then they need to scrub down the stain slowly using the hand. They need to use the soft sponge or the washcloth to vigorously scrub down the paint. The users are always advised to use the soft scrubber rather than using the steel wool or the other stiff brushes that can cause the permanent scratch over the surface of the porcelain tub.

Way II: Use The Baking Soda And Vinegar

  • Wet The Stained Area: Start by wetting down the stain by using the warm water and the logic behind this is to keep on maintaining the moisture over the paint spot. The users need to run the hot water to the entire tub floor and give enough time so as to warm down the porcelain surface of the tub.
  • Use The Baking Soda: Then the users need to spray the baking soda all over the spotted area. Then they need to dust down the tub floor with the baking soda layer and the users are advised to use the heavy hand within that area all around the stain. The moistening of the tub surface will let the baking soda get stuck with the tub surface. The baking soda will eventually work as the mild abrasive that will help in detaching the hard stains over the bathtub without even damaging its surface. If desired the users can also use the borax to detach the hard stains. Then allow the baking soda to sit over the tub surface for near about ten minutes before applying the vinegar.
  • Use The Vinegar: Then the users need to fill up the spray bottle with the vinegar and spray the vinegar directly to the paste of the baking soda. The vinegar usually will eventually activate the pitch of the baking soda and will result in forming the frothy layer over the surface of the baking soda. Then let the mixture sit over the tub surface for near about ten minutes. Both of them will eventually eat up the discoloration or the grime as well. If desired the users can soak up the rag into the vinegar and then rub the rag directly to the surface of the tub. Then the baking soda and the vinegar will start to react when the users will start the scrubbing process.
  • Wipe Down The Area: Finally the users need to use the sponge or the washcloth so as to scrub down that area. The users need to be assured that the mixture of the vinegar and the baking soda had enough time to work over the stained area. If required the users need to repeat the same process so as to be sure that there are no paint traces left behind.
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