How To Remove Paint From Cedar Shingles: Proper Procedure Of Removing Paint From Cedar Shingles

Proper Procedure Of Removing Paint From Cedar Shingles

Cedar is a kind of wood that is mostly used for outdoor furniture, roofing, as well as for shingles on the outside of a home. If you have painted shingles at your home, it looks exceptionally beautiful for the first two to three coats of paint. After using painted cedar shingles for so many years, being exposed to the elements, and being painted again, the paint on cedar will start to crack and peel. Getting rid of the paint and restoring the cedar back to its original, bare wood finish will help you to start fresh with either paint or stain that will improve the look of the wood. If you are looking to remove the paint from the cedar shingles, firstly, collect certain things required for the process and then go through the below-mentioned steps carefully:

Things You'll Need

  • Scraper
  • Sandpaper
  • Stiff Bristled Brush
  • Bucket

Step 1: Scrape Away The Peeling & Cracking Paint

First of all, you need to get rid of the peeling as well as the cracking paint from the surface of the wood. Take hold of the scraper having a sharpened or tapered tip or end away from your body. Work the blade of the scraper below the peeling paint before pushing it away from you in order to get rid of the paint. Eliminate as much paint as you possibly can using this method.

Step 2: Sand The Cedar Using Medium-grit Sandpaper

Sand the cedar with the help of medium-grit sandpaper in order to get rid of all of the remaining surface paint. It is possible that some paint may still be evident & noticeable deep inside the grain of the wood. The sanding process should be enough which is entirely dependent on what finish you are looking to apply to the cedar. A transparent stain will need you to eliminate all existing paint. If you are looking to reapply paint, some remnants can be left on the cedar.

Step 3: Scrub The Cedar Using Stiff-bristled Brush

Now, it is time to scrub the cedar with the help of a stiff-bristled brush. Select a brush that is made from natural or synthetic fibers but not metal. Brushing the cedar with the help of a stiff-bristled brush will release any trapped paint that has settled underneath the surface.

Step 4: Rinse The Wood Thoroughly

Next, take a large bucket & fill it with clean water. Rinse the wood thoroughly in order to get rid of all sanding and paint particles. Make sure not to spray the cedar with a hose. High-pressure spraying may be very harmful to the wood.

Step 5: Let The Cedar Dry Completely

Finally, you need to let the cedar dry completely. After drying the cedar, you can apply any type of treatment that you want. Paint or stain will help you safeguard the wood from sun as well as water damage.
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