How To Remove Paint From Cast Iron Tub: Step By Step Procedure Of Removing Paint From Cast Iron Tub

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required For Removing Paint From Cast Iron Tub

The cast iron bathtubs are very durable in nature as these kinds of bathtubs are glazed with the enamel coating that is applied to the surface of the bathtubs by using the raised heat. The enamel coating is having the natural resistance towards the acids and this coating won't get scratched off so easily. There are so many reasons by which the users can easily detach the paint from their cast iron tub and the ideal method to choose will depend on whether the paint is splattered within the tub or outside the tub.

The users can easily remove the paint from cast iron tubs at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-mentioned step by step procedure:

Materials Required

  • Razor Blade, Goof Spray & Clean Rag
  • Bathroom Cleaner & Drop Cloth
  • Paint Stripper


  • Find Out The Painted Surface: Start by determining whether the paint needs to be detached on the inner or the outer part of the bathtub surface.
  • Scrape Off The Paint: After that, the users need to scrape off the paint within the inner surface of the tub with the help of the razor blade.
  • Spray Off The Goof: Next the users need to spray off the goof on the leftover stains of the paint and then allow it to sit there for near about 10-15 minutes.
  • Wipe Down The Bathtub Surface: After completing above steps, wipe down the bathtub area that the users need to get cleaned by using the clean rag.
  • Wash Down The Bathtub Surface: Then wash down the surface of the bathtub normally by using the regular bathroom cleaner.
  • Cover Up The Floor Surface: Next you need to cover up the floor surface around the tub by using the drop cloth so as to prevent the floor when the users will detach the paint within the outer bathtub surface.
  • Use The Paint Stripper: Finally the users need to use the stripper of the paint so as to detach the paint on the outer surface of the bathtub and to do so they need to follow up the manufacturing directions cautiously.
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