How To Remove Old Wax From Hardwood Floors: Steps To Get Rid Of Dried Wax

What Are The Steps to Get Rid Of Old/Dried Wax from Hardwood Floors

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily remove the Old/Dried Wax From Hardwood Floors:
  1. Clean The Floor: The customers need to start by cleaning all the dust and the debris particles from the hardwood floor by using the warm water and the mop accordingly.
  2. Use The Mineral Spirit: The customers need to spill the plenty of mineral spirits directly on the surface of the hardwood floor. They must start working in the small portion of the hardwood floor and should not move to the other section of the hardwood until they have not detached the wax from the first potion. The customers need to use the soft rag and rub it in the rounds motion in order to remove the wax from the floor.
  3. Clean The Floor: The customers then need to clean the floor by using another soft cloth and they also need to pour some drops of the mineral spirits on the hardwood floor for the second time. The customers then need to continuously rub the floor until the wax is completely detached from the hardwood floor. The customers need to repeat the procedure of applying the mineral spirit to the floor until the wax is completely removed from the hardwood floor.
  4. Use The Steel Wool: The customers also need to use the steel wool and rub it over the hard wax buildup and then clean it by using a soft cloth. Once the hardwood floor is completely cleaned then the customers need to allow the floor to dry completely.
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