How To Remove Nail Polish From Wood Laminate: Steps To Clean Nail Polish


Nail polish famously known as nail varnish is mostly used to decorate the nails of hands. Nail polish is a mixture of beeswax, egg whites, and gelatins. Let's talk about Wood laminated products. Wood laminated products are costly that needs to be taken good care of. Wood laminates contain melamine resin and fiberboard materials. Wood laminated floors or tables can easily get scratches, wood damages, stains or spots. Nail polish stains can remain longer on wood laminated products. Here are some top and easy ways to clean the wood laminates from nail polish and also from other stains. Just follow the given steps carefully to remove the nail polish stains.

Steps To Remove/Clean Nail Polish

  1. Check: First of all check the nail polish stains whether it is fresh or dried.
  2. Cotton Swabs: Take some cotton swabs to clean the nail polish from wood laminate.
  3. Paint Thinner: Paint thinner is also used to remove the nail polish from any surface.
  4. Clean: Now put some thinner in a bowl or in cup and dip cotton swabs.
  5. Rub: Rub the affected area with cotton swabs upto 5-7 mintues.
  6. Dry: Let the wood laminate dry for few hours. Leave the fan open for few hours. Fan air is best option to dry any type of stains faster.
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