How To Remove Mold From Couch Cushions: Steps To Remove Mold From Couch Cushions

What Are The Steps To Remove Mold From Couch Cushions?

Mold is a type of fungi that grows on organic matter. Mold can also be spelled as Mould and is mostly associated with decay. In order to remove Mold from couch cushions, the user needs to follow the below-given steps:
  1. Dry The Cushions Outdoors:
    The first step will be to leave the couch cushions outdoors for drying and make sure there's no rain. Due to the combination of outdoor air circulation and sun's exposure, the cushions will dry naturally. The process of drying the couch cushions can take time as it depends upon how deep the moisture has saturated the cushions.
  2. Brush The Couch Cushions:
    The next step in the process will be to brush the couch cushions using a broom. Brushing helps in removing the dried Mold spores from the couch cushions. The step needs to be done while outdoors as the Mold spores can get active after some time.
  3. Use Vacuum:
    The next step will be to vacuum the couch cushions using a handheld vacuum or a vacuum cleaner having hose attachment in order to remove deeper Mold spores within the material.
  4. Prepare A Solution:
    After that, the user needs to prepare a solution containing two drops of liquid detergent and a cup of water. The user can also prepare a solution containing a half cup of water and a half cup of rubbing or denatured alcohol. Before applying the solution, the user can test it by scrubbing an inconspicuous area of the couch cushion in order to get surety that the fabric color is not discolored. In case the alcohol solution discolors the fabric, the user needs to stick with a soapy water solution.
  5. Scrub The Couch Cushions Using A Solution:
    The next step will be to dip a soft & clean sponge into alcohol or soapy water solution. After that, the user needs to wring out the excess solution from the sponge as tightly as he can and stop the solution from dripping. Then, the user needs to scrub the couch cushions using a damp sponge. Once done, the user can rinse away the solution from the couch cushions using a second damp sponge.
  6. Dry The Couch Cushions:
    The last step in the process will be to dry the couch cushions in the sunlight. In case the sunlight is scarce, the user can dry the cushions using a portable heater. Once completed, the user can return the cushions indoors but he needs to make sure all the Mold is off from the cushions.

Note: In case the Mold returns after a few weeks or days, the user needs to replace the cushions. The reason for returning Mold could be that the Mold colony is too deep in the fabric as it can't effectively be removed.
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