How To Remove Linoleum Glue From Wood Floor: Steps To Remove Glued Linoleum Adhesive From Wood Floor

Linoleum is actually a floor covering that is made from the linseed oil, cork, and limestone. The linoleum can be used over many subfloors like wood and hardwood floor. It can be installed with the adhesive paper or with just adhesive, with the span of this adhesive become very strong and is very difficult to remove, but it can be removed by following the certain procedure which is mentioned below:

Steps To Remove Glued Linoleum Adhesive From Wood Floor

  1. Sections: Start with cutting the Linoleum in the smaller sections with the help of the utility knife, but make sure not to firmly dig the knife in the Linoleum, simply cut the top area of the flooring, and going deep will bring the gouge in the wood.
  2. Insert: Now carefully insert the floor scraper edge in the cuts and then push the scraper in the forward direction to bring the layer of the linoleum up, the best way to do this is by working in small sections until all the coating is lifted.
  3. Heat Gun: For the remaining adhesive use the heat gun with the adhesive paper. The user can also use the hair dryer. Hold the heat about 3 inches from the adhesive and don't touch it with the adhesive.
  4. Floor Scraper: The next step is to hold the floor scraper at a 45-degree angle on the melted adhesive then scrape it in the small thrust, carefully use the scraper by not digging in the wood, work in small sections at a time. The user may need to do several passes over each section so that all the old adhesive is removed.
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