How To Remove Limescale From Bathroom Tiles: Easy Ways Of Removing Limescale

Easy Ways Of Removing Limescale From Bathroom Tiles

The hard water usually consists of the heavy lime amount and the other minerals as well that can result up in the buildup of the scale. The scale kind of problem usually occurs on the tiles of the bathroom and the grout within the tiles as the water is often left to get dried over these kinds of surfaces. One of the easiest ways to remove the limescale from the bathroom tiles is by using the right tools so as to maintain the tiles from getting scratched or damaged. The users can easily detach the limescale from bathroom tiles by following the below-defined ways:


The harsh abrasives can easily destroy the grout and the tiles. The users can avoid using the heavy powders as well as the stiffed brushes. The soft cleansers and the abrasives can easily work well without even destroying the tile surface but they require the elbow grease and the more scrubbing process for the complete detachment of the scale. The users can also use the mild sponges for scrubbing down the grout and the grout in between the tiles. If desired the users can also use the old brush so as to scrub down the hard reached areas in between the tile portions.

Scale Removal

Usually, the limescale is having the white chalk-like appearance but eventually, it doesn't get flaked off from the grout and the tiles so easily. The users need to mix the equal portion of the baking soda and the vinegar so as to form the fine past that will act as the mild abrasive. The acid that is present in the vinegar will cut within the scale and the baking soda will loosen up the deposits with the surface of the tile and the grout as well. The users need to apply the paste over the entire affected surface of the tile and the grout. Then allow the paste to sit over the surface for almost ten minutes and then scrub down the grout and the tile by using the sponge or the old toothbrush. Then the users need to rinse down the surface by using the clean water. Depending upon the intensity of the buildup of the scale the users may need multiple applications of the paste respectively.

Removing Discoloration

The limescale also left behind the red, green, or brown discoloration and this completely depends upon the metals that might be present within the hard water. The users need to mix the borax and the lemon juice to form a fine paste. By scrubbing down the grout and the tile with this paste will detach the rusty stains as well. The cream of the hydrogen peroxide and the tartar will help in minimizing the black, brown, and green stains. The chlorine bleach or the cleaners of the tile that consists of the bleach can also help in lightening up the stains if in case the users use them after they have detached the deposits of the scale.


If in case the buildup is heavier then it will be more difficult to detach it. The users can prevent up the heavy scale buildups in those areas with knowing the issues related to the hard water can help in minimizing the cleaning frequency. The users can also wipe the showers or the enclosures of the tub after using them with the squeegee or the towel as well. Additionally, the users can also install the water soften for eliminating the water-related problems in the house accordingly.
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