How To Remove Lever Door Handle Schlage: Easy Process Of Removing & Replacing Schlage Door Handle

At the time of the installation process of some locksets, you have to keep in mind that the lockset is "handed" to your door. This, in turn, means that after installing locksets, the keyhole will be on the external side, and the lever handles will expand & enlarge toward the center of the door. If in case you purchase the wrong lockset, you won't be able to install it perfectly & accurately on your door. Schlage is a kind of door handle that gets around this problem by making its door handles reversible.

Easy Process Of Removing & Replacing Schlage Lever Door Handle

Schlage lock lever handles have a small & inconsiderable curve in the middle. As soon as the levers are installed correctly, they frown, which in turn means, the curve in the middle of each handle faces up. If in case a lock is installed on a right-hand door, which is usually a door that swings open from right to left and you are planning to change it to a left-hand door, then exchange the handle on the outside of the door for the inside, and vice versa. For this pin tool is needed that you will get with the lockset & if you don't have it, a 6d finish nail will also do the job. Key is also important which you will need.

Replacing The Handles

After removing both the handles, position the key cylinder into the handle that now goes on the outside of the door and then insert the key. Align the hole on the barrel of the handle with the tab on the lock mechanism, which is still fixed to the door, then slide the barrel onto the lock. Keep the key to the reset position before pushing the barrel as long as it breaks in place. Turn the key 90 degrees and eliminate it. Now, replace the handle on the inside of the door by following the same procedure. The only difference is that there is no need to insert the key, the barrel should simply snap into place.
  • Place, fit, or push the key in the handle on the outside of the door. Turn the key 90 degrees in order to make it oriented vertically in the reset position.
  • Now, put the pin tool, or a 6d finish nail, in the hole at the other end of the handle barrel. Push it in.
  • Take off the handle before removing the key from the lock and the key cylinder from the handle barrel.
  • Take off the handle from the inside of the door by putting the removal tool or finish nail into the hole in the handle barrel and then push on it while you pull off the handle.
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