How To Remove Latex Paint From Wood: Steps To Get Rid Of Paint From Floor, Furniture & Cabinets

General Overview

It is common while painting walls, ceiling paint there are chances that paint stain the wood furniture or surface. Removing latex paint from the wood is an easy task and can be done using a number of different ways like if the paint needs to be removed from the small surfaces it does not require much work in comparison with the larger spaces where removing paints may require paint strippers or chemical removers.

Steps To Get Rid Of The Latex Paint From The Wood Floor

  1. Fresh Paint Marks: If the paint mark is fresh simply wet the rag cloth in water and wipe the paint with the same and use another rag to keep it dry.
  2. Denatured Alcohol: If the latex paint stain is old on the floor surface then pour denatured alcohol on the piece of the rag and wipe the floor with the same. Repeat the process if required.
  3. Dry: Follow it by drying with the dry rag.
  4. Mineral Spirits: Pour the mineral spirits over the rag and wipe the floor with it.
  5. Linseed Oil: To remove the latex paint from the surface the linseed oil needs to be boiled and now dip the rag in the linseed oil and rub the paint affected floor with the rag to remove all residue.
  6. Putty Knife: Once the paint stain has been softened after the application of the boiled linseed oil use putty knife to remove it well.
  7. Linseed Oil Paste: Mix the rottenstone with boiled linseed oil to make the paste. Apply this paste on the residue by pouring it on the rag. Rub the floor with the rag to clean all the leftover. Once done, follow it by wiping it with the dry rag.

Remove Latex From Furniture/Cabinets

Here are the different ways to remove the latex paint from the furniture and cabinets:

For Furniture

Latex paint from the furniture can be removed by the following steps:
1.Scraping: Scrape the old latex paint smoothly using spatula.
2.Lemon And Rubbing Alcohol: Create the mixture using lemon juice and rubbing alcohol and apply his paste to the paint surface and scrub the same.
3.Denatured Alcohol: In case stains are still there just pour the denatured alcohol over the white cloth and wipe the furniture with it and remove the residue using a dry cloth.

For Cabinets

The easy way to remove latex paint from the Cabinets is mentioned below:
1.Clean: Use soapy water to clean the cabinets using sponge.
2.Plastic Hardware: The plastic hardware if any needs to be removed before application of the chemical removals.
3.Liquid Deglosser: Apply liquid deglosser to lose the latex paint instantly and follow it by applying the chemical remover.
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