How To Remove Front Panel Of Maytag Dryer: Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Front Panel Of Maytag Dryer

Maytag washer or dryer is considered as one of the best when it comes to washing your clothes, as they are long-lasting & strong, which are very helpful in washing the clothes rigorously. The life span of Maytag dryers is nearly 8 to 12 years, however, if you clean the lint trap of the dryer at a regular interval, then its life span can be extended. To keep this type of dryer up to date, you need to clean its hoses, heating element, as well as dryer ducts at least on a yearly basis. There are usually two main types of dryers: Maytag & Whirlpool, but the majority of the people usually use Maytag, due to the reason that it provides fresh hold & it lasts for a longer duration of time. Otherwise, both types of washers clean the clothes effectively.

Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Front Panel Of Maytag Dryer

If in case you find any issues with your Maytag clothes dryer, then one of the first things you need to do is to detach the front panel. After taking apart a front panel, the high limit & the operating thermostat, the heater, the thermal fuses, as well as the door switch will be easily reachable to you without any hindrances. Two types of Maytag clothes dryer front panels are mostly being used in the modern era: the standard front panel and the newer L-shaped front panel. In order to remove both the types of the front panel from a Maytag dryer, you simply need to go through the below-mentioned steps carefully:

Standard Panel

  1. In this type of front panel, first of all, you need to switch off the power supply of the Maytag clothes dryer. After that, detach the two screws on the front panel. These two screws will be located nearly 4 inches from the bottom, under the beveled edge.
  2. The next step is to take out or extract the bottom of the front panel towards you as long as the clips on the top of the panel release.
  3. Then, rigorously disconnect the wires from the door switch and keep the door aside at a safer place.

L-Shaped Panel

  1. The first and the foremost step is to switch off the power supply of the Maytag clothes dryer. Detach the four screws from the Maytag dryer. One of the screws is located on the upper right, one on the lower right in the hinge, and one opposite each hinge.
  2. After that, upraise the door moderately and pull back. The door and the hinges need to be detached & then keep the door aside.
  3. The Maytag clothes dryer front panel will be visible exactly like the shape of a goal post. Hold on to the skinny, upper sides, and shake them back and forth in order to unclip the panel. Extract the skinny ends of the front panel towards you, upraising it off the bottom clips. Keep the front panel aside.
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