How To Remove Flaking Paint From Exterior Walls: 3 Easy Steps Of Removing Flaking Paint

3 Easy Steps Of Removing The Flaking Paint From The Exterior Walls

Flaking of the paint on the outside walls is one example of paint failure. Flaking is different from chalking, wrinkling, leaching, etc. Almost all the paint failures require starting over with a cleaning area. The 3 easy steps for removing the flaking paint from the exterior walls are as follows:
  1. Clear All Loose Flaking Paint: The first step is to remove any loose paint. Start the process by taking a scraper and then scrape the entire painted surface, try to remove all of the flaking paint. For the paints that are stubborn, try to apply extra pressure in order to get rid of it. However, it is important to be very careful not to apply a lot of pressure so that there will be no gouging or damaging the surface. Take a small scraper in case of the doors, windows as well as the trim, and the wider one for sliding.
  2. Use Coarse Sandpaper: It is advisable to use the all-purpose sandpaper to sand all surfaces until the surfaces feel smooth to touch. To make the job easy, use a sanding block holder when sanding out the larger areas. However, when sanding the tight spaces and trim, use a sanding block as it will make the job easier and will have the best results. Make sure that the surface is smooth as much as possible for strong and better adhesion.
  3. Orbital Or Power Sander: If the paint flaking starts from the outside wall then scrape it off manually, but in order to eliminate even the smallest pieces of loose paint, use a power sander. This will help to achieve smooth surfaces on the hard to reach edges. Also, it is important to remember that if the paint applied is thick, then use a sanding disk to remove it. Remove all of the marks from all the exterior surfaces before starting the painting job.


Flaking paint from the exterior walls is not the same as peeling or bubbling paint. Flaking paint looks like something has caused the paint to break or crack into small pieces, just like a shattered glass, which breaks into tiny chunks. Once this happens, there will be a little bit of paint begin flaking off from the surface. The flaking can start with hairline cracks and will affect just the topcoat, but with the span of time, the flaking will penetrate deeper, down to the bare wood or any other material.
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