How To Remove Etching From Honed Marble: 7 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Etching

7 Easy Steps To Remove Etching From Honed Marble

If you want to remove etching from honed marble then you just need to follow all the given steps carefully and perform the task yourself with ease:
  • Clean: Clean the surface of your marble by using a clean cloth & cleanser formulated for marble use. Rinse with water & then allow your marble to dry before continuing your process.
  • 100 Grit Sandpaper: Now you need to attach 100-grit sandpaper to your orbital sander. Start your sander and then sand down the edges of any scratch/etching in your marble surface until you see that there is no eye-catching ridge along with the scratched edge. Then use small circles along with the length of the scratch to avert creating furrows in your marble. The scratch will now appear as a light line in your marble. Run your finger over the line just to be sure that no rough sections remain.
  • 150 Grit Sandpaper: Switch your sandpaper on your sander to 150-grit. Simply run your sander along with the scratch to grind the marble scratch down wholly, synthesize it into your surrounding marble until the scratch is no longer visible.
  • 220 Grit Sandpaper: Now you need to change to 220-grit sandpaper & go over your sanded area, smoothing your marble surface. Run your finger over the surface of your marble after smoothing just to be sure that you can no longer feel any trace of your marble scratch. Remove any disparage etching in your marble which is caused by acidic substances by using your 220-grit sandpaper as well.
  • Polish: Simply pour a quarter-sized dollop of polish on your marble. Simply mix your polish with some water until you create a slurry with the firmness of cake batter. Attach your polishing pad to your 4-inch angle grinder. Now you need to turn on your grinder and then apply the pad to your marble surface to spread the applied polish over both the already scratched area as well as the actual surrounding area. Turn off your grinder and then remove it from your marble. Use your sponge dipped in clean water to clean the slurry.
  • Buff: Turn your grinder back on and then you need to reapply the polishing pad to the dried polish on your marble. Buff your marble by simply moving your pad over your polish in small circles until you accomplish a matte finish, in which your surface scarcely shines without appearing wet. Repeat this process if indispensable until you reach a finish that matches your undamaged marble surface around the scratched area of your marble.
  • Stone Sealant: Finally you need to apply a layer of the stone sealant to your marble using a foam applicator to keep your marble from staining. Wait at least 48 hours to allow the applied sealant to dry before using your marble surface.
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