How To Remove Etch Marks From Marble: Step By Step Process To Get Rid Of Etching Marks

Step By Step Process & Items Required To Get Rid Of Etching Marks From Marble

The marble is having a pleasant and smooth appearance and in order to maintain the luxurious appearance the users need to handle it with care and need to apply the mild cleaning solutions only. The acidic items like the lemon or the vinegar can easily etch the surface of the marble and may result in leaving up the white patches behind. After using the cleaning items the users also need to buff the marble surface by using the polishing powder. The users can easily purchase this powder at their nearby home or stone care stores. The users can easily remove the etch marks from the marble at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined step by step process:

Materials Required

  • White Towel, Marble Etch Remover
  • Spray Bottle With Clean Water
  • Rubber Gloves

Step By Step Process

  • Clean The Surface: Start by cleaning up the dirt, grime and debris particles from the entire surface of the marble by using the clean dry towels.
  • Add The Powder: Then the users need to add the good amount of the polishing powder to the entire affected portion of the etch mark.
  • Apply The Water: Then they need to apply a few water drops of the water over the entire polishing powder. Then they need to spray the water by using the spray bottle so as to wet the powder accordingly.
  • Wet The Towel: After that, the users need to wet the towel and then start scrubbing down the stain over the etch mark. The users need to spray down the white towel to near about three times by using the spray bottle so as to wet the white towel. They need to scrub the mark for almost one minute and eventually, the mark will rub away.
  • Use The Marble Cleaner: Once the users noticed that they have detached the mark then they need to spray down the marble cleaner over the entire surface of the marble. Then wipe down the surface by using the clean towel. Once the marble is cleaned and is free of the unneeded polishing powder, then dry off the surface completely.
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