How To Remove Dry Paint From Vinyl Flooring: Steps

Steps To Remove Dry Paint From Vinyl Flooring

The material required to remove dried paint from the vinyl flooring includes razor blade, acetone nail polish remover, soft cloths, mineral spirits, mild soap, bucket, and water. The steps involved in the process are given below:
  1. Remove: The first step is to remove the possible amount of dried paint from the surface of the vinyl floor with the help of a razor.
  2. Mineral Spirit: After removing the maximum amount of paint, take a soft cloth and wet it with mineral spirit. Then rub the cloth on the dry painted area.
  3. Acetone Nail Polish Remover: If the paint still exists on the floor then use acetone nail polish remover on a clean cloth to remove the dry paint and smoothly clean the painted area.
  4. Prepare A Mixture: After removing all paint from the floor, prepare a mixture from the warm water and mild soap.
  5. Apply The Mixture: Apply the mixture on the entire surface of the floor to remove the leftover residue.
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