How To Remove Chocolate Stains From Dining Room Chair Covers: Easy Process To Get Rid Of Chocolate Stains From Chair Cover

Easy Process To Get Rid Of Chocolate Stains From Dinning Room Chair Covers

Chocolate stain is one of the common stain that can get to any furniture product including dinning room chair covers, especially if you have children in the house. If your chair covers get affected by chocolate stain, then you need to remove the covers for easier stain removal, however, make sure to take them off as soon as possible after a spill to prevent the stain from spreading to any fabric on the chair itself. Go through the chair cover for washing instructions specific to the fabric, & try to get rid of the chocolate stain immediately in order to prevent the chocolate stain from permanently spoiling it.

Use A Blunt-Edged Piece Of Silverware

Regardless of chocolate being spilled, squeezed, dripped or dribbled onto your dining room chair cover, it is important to remove as much stain as possible before you move on with the stain-removal process. Use a blunt-edged piece of silverware in order to smoothly & firmly scrape any solid pieces of melted chocolate from the cover, and blot with the help of a damp towel to get rid of any excess chocolate. You need to position the entire chair cover into the freezer when it comes to hardening excess spilled chocolate for easier removal.

Rinse And Repeat

Take hold of the back of the stained area underneath the warm water and wash out as much of the chocolate from the fabric as you possibly can. Work quickly in order to get rid of the chocolate before it dries and sets, which in turn makes it much harder to remove later. When the water runs clear, add a few drops of dish-washing soap and firmly rub into the fabric, before rinsing again as long as you cannot remove any more of the stain.

Super Soaker

Test a small, hidden section of the fabric & then treat the stain on a part of the cover that shows in your dining room. Immerse the stain in an oxygen-bleach cleaner, a solution of 1 tsp. of vinegar dissolved in 1 pint of water, or a solution of 1 tbsp. of borax dissolved into 1 pint of water. Press the solution into the stain with the help of a damp towel and allow it to soak for nearly two to three minutes.

Rinse The Stain Again

Rinse the stain rigorously again with warm running water in order to get rid of the soaking solution and the remaining chocolate stain. If the stain still remains, then put or spread a laundry pretreatment solution and allow it to set in accordance with the package instructions. Wash the dining room chair cover as per the fabric instructions and the stain should disappear. If it is still there, then it is necessary to take the cover to a dry cleaner.
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