How To Remove Carpet Tiles: Proper Procedure Of Removing Carpet Tiles

Proper Procedure Of Removing Carpet Tiles

Each and every carpet tile is not installed using self-adhesives. Instead, many are installed with the help of sticky carpet glue. Carpet tiles are regarded as one of the best ways to cover a tile floor in order to change the appearance of a room, however, if you are planning to remove the carpet tiles, you may come across a sticky mess. You can remove the carpet tiles from your tile floors, however, not all the adhesive will eliminate with the tile, requiring you to get rid of the sticky adhesive before you can enjoy your tile floor.

Step 1: Pull Up The First Tile

  • Try to find or search for a corner of a carpet tile that may have appeared abruptly over time. That carpet square is, in all likelihood, has less glue and offers less resistance to being pulled up. Pull up the carpet tile with the help of your hands. If you are not able to locate a floor tile with a popped corner, then with the help of a putty knife, go betwixt the seams of two tiles and move the knife smoothly underneath the corner of the tile to pry it up.
  • If the above way doesn't work, then you can use a utility knife in order to trim a notch of the carpet tile, but make sure not to gouge the floor beneath it. After that, using the putty knife, pry up the trimmed piece and use the putty knife in order to pry up the carpet tile.
  • As soon as a portion of the tile has been taken up from the floor, take hold of the carpet tile with the help of your hands and remove it.

Step 2: Continue Removing Tiles

  • Move the end of a floor scraper smoothly underneath the carpet squares, taking up and removing the tiles row by row.
  • If the tiles are not coming up easily using a floor scraper and holding the corners of the tile with your hands is proving challenging, then you can use pliers to hold, lift as well as pull the tiles from the floor.
  • Arrange the carpet squares systematically & nicely for easy removal or throw them into a wheelbarrow in order to transport them to the dumpster.

Step 3: Remove Adhesive Stuck To Tile And Concrete

The existing subfloor and the decision about saving it or not will ascertain or establish how you will remove the carpet tile adhesive left behind on the floor. When it comes to water-resistant materials, such as ceramic tile or a concrete floor, hot water — the least toxic as well as the less abrasive approach may also be the best tool in order to get rid of the adhesives.
  • Wear rubber boots as well as gloves in order to take care not to burn yourself in the process.
  • For the hot water method, you can use a teapot filled with boiling water in order to make sure that you can direct the water onto the majority of the stubborn spots.
  • Allow the water to remain on the area for a minute before attacking the softened glue with the help of a putty knife.

Step 4: Remove Adhesive Stuck To Wood Flooring

To handle the adhesive stuck to the floor, you can also go with a heat gun in order to soften the glue and use a putty knife to make an attempt and scrape off the stubborn spots.
  • With the help of a floor scraper or putty knife, manually get rid of as much of the glue left on the floor as you possibly can. Clean up the debris from the floor with the help of a broom and dustpan and throw it away into a trash can.
  • Protect the baseboards with the help of a painters' tape. The area where you are working needs to be well ventilated. So you need to keep the windows as well as doors open for plenty of air circulation.
  • Select an adhesive remover, which is totally dependent on the type of subfloor you have. Go through the manufacturer's instructions carefully for carpet tile adhesive remover and apply the chemicals. With the help of a floor scraper, scrape the rest of the glue from the floor.
  • Occasionally, clean the floor using the floor scraper in order to get rid of any adhesive buildup. Take care of the tough, resistant spots with the help of a putty knife.

Step 5: Clean Up And Discard Debris

  • With the help of a broom and dustpan, clean & get rid of any remaining debris and throw it away into the trash can or wheelbarrow.
  • Get rid of the carpet, adhesive, as well as dirt in the appropriate trash repository. Entirely dependent on the quantity of the carpet you are discarding, double-check in association with your waste disposal company or your city to see whether it needs a bulk pick-up or if it has specified drop-off centers for items like carpet.
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