How To Remove Carpet Tack Strips And Staples: Step By Step Process To Remove Tack Strips & Staples

Step By Step Process To Remove Tack Strips & Staples From Hardwood Floors

When you move into the new house, you will find the old carpet laying on the floor but the hardwood floor underneath the carpet is very beautiful and attractive. So, the first thing that you will do after moving into the new house is to remove the old carpet's tack strips as well as staples without damaging the hardwood floor. To remove the tack strips from the hardwood floors, you will need to collect certain items required for the process & then go through the easy & simple steps carefully to accomplish the task successfully:

Items Needed

  • Mini Bar
  • 6 In 1 Painter’s Tool, usually known as “wonder tool”
  • Ball Pien Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Shop Vac

Step By Step Process

  1. Use Wonder Tool: The first and the foremost step is to take 6 in 1 painter's tool, usually known as the “wonder tool” and position it underneath the corner of the tack strip.
  2. Ball Pien Hammer: Now, with the help of a Ball Pien hammer, strike or hit the end of the “wonder tool” in order to get it completely under the tack strip.
  3. Take Mini Bar Under The Tack Strip: Next, take up the “wonder tool” in order to make sure that the mini bar gets underneath the tack strip. Take up or raise and twist the mini bar, without applying too much force, in order to loosen the nails in the tack strip before pulling the strip up. If in case the strip occurs or pops up in pieces or in wood shavings, then you don't need to worry. The only concern that you should be worried about is to prevent ruining the hardwood floor underneath. If you have nails still on the floor after the strip pops up, the best option is to use the end of the mini bar in order to pry them out.
  4. Move The Mini Bar Down The Tack Strip: As soon as you get the first nail up at the end where you are working, slide the mini bar down the tack strip, twisting and pulling upwards, in order to pry the strip up as you move across the rest of the strip. The tack strip may pull off or gets detached in the middle, but it's OK, as you simply need to start the process again. If you are not able to get the mini bar underneath the tack strip, make sure not to force it. You need to start using the “wonder tool” again in order to get it started.
  5. Use A Shop Vac For Cleaning: After getting the tack strips as well as nails up, you need to use a shop vac in order to clean up as you go. It is important to prevent any of the nails from scratching the hardwood floors by walking on them or having them dash on every side of the floor as you work. It is a good option to clean all the sections as you go.
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