How To Remove Burn Marks From Wood Floor: Methods To Remove Burn Stains

Methods to Remove Burn Stains From Wood Floor

There are a number of ways to fix the Burn Marks on Wood Floor and some of the ways are mentioned below:

Minor Marks

  1. Rub: First of all rub the burn marks with the 0000 steel wool, before starting the rubbing pour a small amount of the lemon oil on the burn, stop the rubbing as soon as the mark is gone.
  2. Wipe: Now wipe away all the dust from the surface, now with the help of the soft cloth apply the polish on the affected area and buff for the shine.
  3. Deeper Burns: For the deeper burns Sand the area with the fine grit sandpaper, then apply a matching coat of the gel stain.

Deeper Burns

  1. Scrape: First of all, scrape the affected area with the blade of the utility knife. The best is to use the short strokes and scrape in the direction of the wood grains.
  2. Sanding: Sand the affected area with the help of the fine-grained sandpaper so that the area becomes smooth. Sand in the direction of the wood grains in back and forth motion.
  3. Clean: Now clean the affected area with the damp rag to remove all the dusting residue, and remember to light damp the rag.
  4. Tung Oil: In order to restore the color of the wood apply the tung oil, simply dip a piece of clean soft cloth in the tung oil and apply on the affected area, apply the oil in the direction of grains. After that let the oil to soak in the wood for almost a night.
  5. Divot: Now check for any divot in case there is then fill it with the wood epoxy, apply the application until its flush with the rest of the flooring, and leave it to dry completely. Once it is dried than sand it with the coarse sandpaper that should be of 80 grit.
  6. Stain Or Paint: Now stain the affected area so that it will match the rest of the flooring.
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